Youtube Idea

I don’t think I’ll ever get around to doing this, so I guess I’ll just write it here: You know how Youtube channels sometimes have celebration videos like “woo we got 5000 followers, wow!” and whatnot – I think it’d be funny to create a channel, and make the first video one of those, pretending to have gotten 500 subscribers. A week later, do one for 2000, then a week later, another for 10,000. Keep doing for this for a few months, then upload a video saying “I’m so sorry about what I said in my last video, it was so far over the line, and I’ve been advised by the authorities that I need to take it down, and any other videos where I said similar things. I know a lot of people unsubscribed, but I want to apologize to all my fans and let them know I’m seeking counselling, both legal and spiritual.”

Or whatever, something like that. The important thing just being that there’s a channel with all these videos celebrating all their subscribers, but then it looks like almost all of them unsubscribed.