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  • How to Install Craft CMS on a Digital Ocean Server - I run this blog on WordPress, but I’m always interested in WP alternatives, and one of the biggest right now seems to be Craft CMS. This post is not about debating Craft CMS vs. WordPress though – I just wanted to document the process of installing it on a Digital Ocean VPSĀ (err, “Droplet”), because it’s […]
  • Ongoing Playlist: Every Song I Consider a Favourite, in No Particular Order - I was going to make a Spotify playlist, but there’s no way that app will outlast this website, and I don’t want to have to recreate this. I’m going to try and always update this when I remember another song that belongs here. In no particular order. L.A. Freeway – Guy Clark Sunday Morning Coming […]
  • The Quincy Jones Vulture Interview - This Quincy Jones interview is great, super entertaining. There is one thing I wanted to write about though, and since I wound up writing a lot of it out in a message, I figured I’d do it here: In the interview, Jones talks about a bunch of stuff like who actually killed JFK (Sam Giancana) […]

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