US/Canada Import Place

I just remembered a sort of weird thing. For those who don’t know, I’m in Canada. You can order almost any American item, and find most of them in stores too, but now and then you run into a brick wall. For various reasons (some dumb, some logical), you just can’t get certain things shipped to Canada.

The one that’s really annoyed me in the past is that Blue Diamond Almonds only sell a limited amount of their flavours in Canada – basically just the boring ones. I’ve tried the fancier ones while visiting the US, and I love them, especially toasted coconut and salt and vinegar. I think just due to bad luck, the only businesses that ship these to Canada charge a ridiculous amount, so you would wind up paying maybe triple the correct price, or more.

Luckily, I found a place in Mississauga that lets you buy stuff on American websites, and enter an address in Niagara Falls, USA. This company receives the packages, then drives them to to Canada, and you go pick them up and pay an extra fee. I’ve used this to buy a dozen cans of almonds a couple of times now, and it’s so nice. I think the fee was $7 or $10, and in the end, I wound up paying less than if I bought almonds (even the plain flavors) in a local store.

So I’ve gotten way off course here with the almond talk. Listen, I like almonds, and I love flavoured almonds. I think I’ve somehow become desensitized to them a little now, but the first few times that I bought the toasted coconut ones, I just couldn’t control myself, they were the greatest thing I’d ever tasted. I brought a couple of cans home from the US a couple of times, and I’d tell myself that I’d only eat a few per day, and make them last for a while, but then I’d open a can and demolish it in a day. Maybe two days. It was exhilarating. Maybe exhilarating is just slightly too strong a word. It was good. They tasted so good. I loved the taste. Such a nice taste.

Sorry, I got off track again, let me get back to this tidbit. The last time I went to this cross-border place, I could see into the back, and there were hundreds of packages there. This place is doing a lot of business, and I got really curious about what everyone is bringing in. I mean, I’d guess that I’m probably the only guy importing dozens of almonds cans on a regular basis, but who knows!

I asked the guy who worked there what people brought, but I was pretty sure he’d just say it was random, so I worded it sort of like “Heeey, I know it’s probably kind of random, but what do most people bring in, are there certain things that are really popular?” I was surprised when he listed the two most popular items, without even pausing: Car tires, and Funko Pops.I understand the car tires. I don’t know anything about it, but there are a lot of items like that which cost way less in the US, and I understand people shipping them in. But Funko Pops?

If you sat me in a room and told me I couldn’t leave until I listed the 5000 most popular import products at this place, there’s zero chance I’d include Funko Pops. You could stick a Funko Pop on the desk so that I remembered they existed, and I still wouldn’t list them. Even if I got really stuck at product number 4998 or something, and I noticed the Funko Pops posters you’d put all around the room, I know I wouldn’t list it, it’s too dumb. I’d just go “What’s with this guy who locked me in this room, why did he put all the Funko Pops posters all over? This guy is a huge spaz”. I mean of course you’re a spaz if you lock me in a room and make me list 5000 things, unless you’re some sort of university researcher or something. Anyhow Funko Pops. How about that. It’s weird.