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I know that most people understand what Twitter is at this point, but first, indulge me with a little background on the site:

Twitter is literally a white supremacist website. For its entire life, it has ignored mountains of racism (and every other form of abuse), because to kick off all the Nazis and hysterical racists would lower its engagement statistics in the short term.

They don’t just let people stay on the platform though, they verify tons of racists. The “verification system” has never really been just about verifying that people are using their real identity, but has always been about giving a special status to interesting/special people. That’s why Twitter stripped Milo Yhateverhisnameis of his verification as a punishment, and why you can’t just get verified by proving to them that you are posting under your real identity. Verified users also get special features added to their accounts.

So who do they choose to verify? People like this Youtube guy:

But weirdly enough, not just him, but even literal no-names, like this lady (username: a purposefulwife) who doesn’t have any identity listed on Twitter other than “Wife With A Purpose”. Her main claim to fame seems to be doing 5000 tweets about “preserving the white race and culture”, and also creating the white baby challenge. I don’t know what that was, I’m assuming it was like the ice bucket thing, except you poured buckets of white babies on your head.

Twitter has taken a lot of heat about all the racist (not to mention sexist, etc.) abuse on the platform. When Leslie Jones was chased off Twitter by a bunch of psychos, the site got a lot of heat, and Jack Dorsey reassured people that they were working on it.

But what can a site do to identify and remove users who constantly out-think the system and come up with tricky ways to evade even the most sophisticated early warning systems? Twitter paid $150M in 2016 to acquire an AI startup, so they’re probably at least using the machine learning experts from that company to come up with very advanced classifiers to spot even the trickiest of abusers right? After all, they must have hundreds of thousands, maybe millions, of abuse reports to train a system like this with. Seems like this would be an easy fix right?

Just kidding, they haven’t tried at all, and here’s how I know: I searched “Lebron” and the n-word the day that Lebron James called Trump a bum, and there were a lot of tweets. I mean a lot. I actually took screencaps of a ton, but decided not to post them here, but I mean, how on Earth is this something Twitter hasn’t even bothered to deal with? Is it too hard to put in a small block of code saying “Ohhh hey if someone calls someone the n-word, how about uhh.. that gets maybe uhhh… flagged?”. Personally, I think every tweet like that should at least get flagged, but I’d say there’s about a 0.01% chance that a tweet with that word, and the name of a celebrity turns out to not be abusive, so uh.. Twitter has an index of celebrities, they verified them all.

I’m not really an expert on white supremacy , but I know it’s a system. As an example, my understanding is basically that if a restaurant opens up, and then half its customers are neo-Nazis, and they constantly yell the n-word at the other customers, and the restaurant refuses to do anything about it, and then also the restaurant has some sort of special status system like “best customer club” and they give that to a bunch of the neo-nazis, seems like you might actually say that was a white supremacist restaurant. Seems about right I think, right? So that’s why I say that Twitter is literally a white supremacist website, and everyone who makes any decisions there, especially Jack Dorsey, is a white supremacist. I’m sure he’s a nice guy, and I know he loves tweeting about rap music and stuff, but the way it works is that actually, he’s a huge white supremacist, because he literally controls an entire system and refuses to fix all the racist shit.

Okay, so enough about the background, back to the news: White supremacist social networking site Twitter is going to let some people do 280 character tweets.