The Quincy Jones Vulture Interview

This Quincy Jones interview is great, super entertaining. There is one thing I wanted to write about though, and since I wound up writing a lot of it out in a message, I figured I’d do it here:

In the interview, Jones talks about a bunch of stuff like who actually killed JFK (Sam Giancana) and casually throws out totally wild claims (Marlon Brando slept with Marvin Gaye and Richard Pryor) in between more lightweight showbiz stuff (Ringo Starr sucks at drums, T-Pain is not good at music).

I think a lot of people are taking it all as gospel, but it’s too good for it all to be true. Like, the thing about who killed JFK is kind of boilerplate JFK conspiracy, and just because he was friends with Sinatra doesn’t mean he knows anything.

the part that kills it for me is like, the exact same way he talks about JFK or Brando, he ALSO talks about Hillary Clinton having secrets, and he hints like he knows secrets about her that he can’t mention. In my opinion, there is NO way he knows actual secrets, he wasn’t hanging out with the Clintons and they said “Hey remember Vince Foster, we killed him”.

What I think the deal is, is that he knows these people, but he ALSO happens to read conspiracy shit, or people talk to him about theories they’ve read and believe, and has the type of personality that believes conspiracy theories easily.

My friend summarized it really well with this: “I would believe that the Clintons are in charge of a satanic coven, but I wouldn’t believe anyone who said they knew about it. Does that makes sense???” To me, this is exactly right. I don’t think that a bunch of world leaders are part of any weird owl cult in Bohemian Grove or anything, but maybe I’d say there’s some super, super tiny chance. But one thing I do 1000% know that if they are, nobody is going up to Quincy Jones and telling him about it. Probably the first rule of being in any Illuminati cult thing would be something like “for fuck’s sake do not tell Quincy Jones, he’s a cool guy but he knows everyone and he can not keep a secret”.

Anyway that’s all, I’m a killjoy.