For 95% of my life, I used apostrophes when I wanted to show possession. An example:

The dog’s hat is bigger than Dan’s hat.

but in the last year, I read something that said this was incorrect. Some website about grammar explained that using apostrophes that way was a common error, and you should do it like this:

The cats car goes slower than Rebas car.

This looked completely wrong to me, and I’m sure I checked a few different sources, and they all confirmed that you don’t use apostrophes to show possession.

Well wouldn’t you know it, but I just Googled it again a few minutes ago, and now the top search results say that I was right the whole time. This is confusing, and maddening. I guess I was right for my whole life, but the Internet has once again made me stupider?

If you’ve read anything I’ve written in the last year or two, and it looked like my punctuation was crazy, please just understand that it wasn’t my fault. I mean of course it was entirely my fault, but please still like and respect me.

Ever since I started writing online, I’ve found so many things that I apparently have been doing wrong when it comes to punctuation. When I was in school, I was great at punctuation and grammar, and now I’m wondering whether I have actually gotten worse at it because of second guessing myself constantly. Just in the last sentence, as I typed it, I thought “is gotten worse correct?” and “does second guessing need a hyphen?” I am not exaggerating when I say that this stuff comes up in about 50% of the sentences I write. Life is a burden.