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  • My Eggpost Newsletter Is Now Available Only by Mail - Since maybe 1999, I’ve run an email newsletter named Eggpost. I think it topped out at about 3200 subscribers or so, but sending it became so much work – keeping the mailing list clean, trying to get mailing list software that works but isn’t expensive, etc. I’ve decided to start writing to it regularly again, […]
  • Twitter: Still a White Supremacist Website - From what I can tell, “Krang T Nelson”, a left wing non-nazi normal person who wrote funny, obviously jokey tweets got in a fight with a racist, Daily-Stormer-quoting, muslim-hating, Sandy Hook/Heather Hayer truther lady, who got a bunch of other racists worked up, so Twitter suspended him. Just going to dump in a bunch of […]
  • In 3 Days This Domain Will be 20 Years Old - I don’t really have anything to say about it, but I know I’ll forget about this by Saturday, so I’m just going to post now. Hold up is there any way I could ask for like, cash gifts. Oh and the only reason I thought to look this up a week or two ago is […]

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