Ice Life Hack

Here’s a little trick I try to do during the summer, maybe it’ll be useful to you: A while ago, I went to the dollar store and bought 4 cheap ice cube trays. I fill them regularly and put them in the freezer. I try to remember every day or so to go get them and

VR Photography (Ricoh Theta S)

Earlier this year, I got this VR camera, the Ricoh Theta S (amazon). It lets you take 360° photos or video. This isn’t a review but let me start with a few thoughts on the camera itself It’s pretty cool for a bunch of reasons: It’s quite small, so it’s very portable. It has a very high


You should never make fun of any kid’s name you find dumb online, even if you think the name is terrible. Even if that person doesn’t see it (maybe they won’t), someone else could read what you said, and that person might have a kid with the same name, and it could make them feel

Yell At Brands

I had an idea a while ago for a site called Yell At Brands. The basic idea was that you’d go to it, pick a brand, and write your complaints, and it’d stick them all into categories or sections or whatever. Here’s why I think this would be a good site: People love yelling at

Jeff’s Maps

I found a very interesting business yesterday, Jeff’s Maps. It seems to be a one person business, run by a guy named Jeff of course, that sells really good maps to a few hotspots in Ontario, including two of the big provincial parks (Algonquin and Killarney). He designs the maps himself, and adds a bonus information

Revolving Restaurants

The future is probably going to be very robotic and extremely efficient. It’s already sort of like that – every new big business is very professional, and everything is very logical. Apple became incredibly successful by making computers, so they decided to make computer-phones as well, and then computer-tablets, and then computer-watches. I miss the old

Lights things that are actually heavy

For a long time, I’ve had a theory that almost everything with light in the name is actually heavy. Here are some examples: Lighthouse – These are extremely heavy. Lightning – This is heavy in the sense of heavy metal. These are the only examples I’ve thought about over the years.