I did some contract work earlier this year for a company that was fairly corporate. Early on, I noticed that whenever a developer would put in a pull request, someone would code review it, and if the code didn’t have any issues, they’d write “LGTM” along with a little gif of what I believe was a fish in an overcoat.

The first time I saw it, I didn’t know what LGTM meant, so I searched it up quickly, and I scanned the results, and saw an entry on urbandictionary that said “Let’s Get That Money“. I thought this was really funny and cool, that in this down-to-business environment, people had this funny little shorthand that is probably from a rap song or something. The fact that a funny little fish in an overcoat was included made it extra funny to me.

So, for several months, every time I would see this, I’d have a little laugh. Then, I was doing a code review one day, everything looked fine, and I wrote “Looks good to me!” and then suddenly I realized that I had been a dope all along, and I just quietly went ahead and never mentioned what I had thought it meant. Until now, because I can make a blog post out of it. And also a month ago I think I wrote this story on Twitter.