I don’t think many of my recent entries have been very short, but when I started updating this site again, I wanted to really focus on frequency, and not on quality (obviously). Part of the idea is that basically anytime I have something to say that doesn’t fit on Twitter, or isn’t too ephemeral, I’d write it here, even if it’s not that great.

So here’s a thing I just found out last night: If you take a flight with either of the Icelandic airlines, Wow Air or Icelandair, they give you the option of adding a free stopover in Iceland, which I believe you can take for up to 7 days.

I fluked into this knowledge when I was pricing out a flight from Toronto to Europe, and the cheapest option by far was via Wow Air. I saw that it had a 12 hour stopover in each direction, and I was like ugggh, that stinks, of course there’s a catch, etc. But then I saw the stopover was in Reykjavik, and I started thinking it was too bad that it was only a 12 hour stop, because Iceland looks amazing.

I hate to say “I’ve always wanted to go to Iceland”, because everyone says that about everywhere, and usually what they mean is “I saw some nice pictures of (place) once and I’ve had it vaguely in the back of my mind that it’d be nice to go there”. For me though, in the mid-90s, Muchmusic had a very odd hour-long special where they sent a couple of people to Iceland to explore the country and how hip it was.

I have a vague memory that some sort of Icelandic tourism bureau sponsored that special, and I guess that’s basically the sort of thing that tourism bureaus are meant to do. Certainly, someone has been doing a lot of promotion for Iceland, because it’s so hip these days it’s crazy. I have a feeling that the free stopovers must be covered by some government program as well.

So that’s all, just a little bit of info in case you ever need it. I’m still not 100% sure that I’m going to take the trip to Europe, but if I do, this is some good info.

That reminds me of one of my goals for this blog: I need to get this stupid piece of trash really popular, so I get free trips to different places. I started following American Express Canada on Twitter this summer (I have no clue why) and I noticed that they’re constantly running ads where they sent some stupid travel bloggers on trips. The weird thing is that when you look at the bloggers’s social media account, they never seem to be that popular. I’m talking about people with 2000 Twitter followers, which is obviously a large number, but not so large that you think “Oh hell yeah, what a genius move to do sponsored content with those guys!”

There was also a blog post I read this summer, where a guy did a Kickstarter to go to the North Pole (I think?) on a cruise ship, and write about it. I read about half of the first post, and it was extremely well written and entertaining, but I got distracted and lost track of it. So that’s my other goal: Get so big I can do crowd-funding for personal projects. So far the only crowd-funding thing I’ve ever done is the horses at Burning Man thing – it doesn’t count.