Food Startup Idea

I thought of what would be a good food startup: Instead of delivering me food from a restaurant menu, give me the option of sending a recipe that I found online, and have them make it, and then deliver it to me. I guess this is like having a personal chef, but one a one-off, on-demand basis.

I see this working in a marketplace fashion, with lots of independent kitchens vying for business. When I sent in the recipe, it would choose one of them based on:

  • who has the ingredients in stock.
  • who is currently busy/available.
  • who has the best customer rating.
  • who is closest.

All the standard marketplace business stuff with reputation management, etc.

I think this service would be not impossible to pull off, and would feel almost magical to customers. So many people love to spend money on food, and this would let them, and provide them lots of bragging material for social media, etc.