Driving Confrontations

This is off subject, but I just wrote the title for this post, Driving Confrontations, and is it just me or does it sound like it could be the name of a prog-rock album? I’m picturing an album cover now with three cars that have been outfitted with space shuttle wings, all coming at each other in outer space, with the members of Rush looking at each other. Hold on I’m going to mock it up in Photoshop in order to really get the idea across. I’m also going to start a stopwatch and see how much time I waste doing this. Ready set GO.

Okay, I went and did the Photoshop and it took 15 minutes and 5 seconds. I was going to just write 15:05, but given how amazingly this came out, I think most people would assume I meant 15 hours and 5 minutes. Okay here it is:


Okay after all that, I don’t even have the energy to write the original post I was going to.