Does Bacon Come From a Pig?

Yesterday, I did an Instagram story for my online store. At one point, for no real reason, I put a pack of bacon in front of the camera, and I said “I don’t know if I should eat this bacon, it was 3 packs for $7, which seems too cheap, but I mean, it all comes from the same cows, how bad can it be”. I didn’t even realize that I said cow, and then 2 people messaged me saying something like “Bacon comes from a pig right?”

I thought something like: Wow, what kind of weirdos are these guys, they don’t know where bacon comes from? But then I thought “Ohhh wait.. maybe they’re from some country where nobody eats bacon or something like that, I better be polite to them”. So I sent both of them messages where I was trying to be really nice, and explain what bacon is, but I also didn’t want to be too verbose, since I figured they might not be great at English. So my messages back to them were basically “Yes, that’s right, bacon comes from a pig! It’s very popular where I live. I love the taste!” Unsure whether I’m going to receive any orders from these guys.