Deer Family

I went to a conservation area two days ago, just for a walk, and I only took my new film camera (from this post). I’ve been to this area before, and it’s kind of cool, but I didn’t think it was that amazing.

After walking around for about 45 minutes, I came around a corner and saw a couple of people standing and looking at something near the trail. I got closer, and it was a mother deer with two smaller kid deers. I only had my slow, unbelievably loud, camera with me, and I tried to get a couple of shots, but I could tell they weren’t going to be very good.

I went back today, and I packed my digital camera, along with a super-telephoto lens I have (600m equivalent focus length), and I walked around a while. I didn’t think I’d see the deer again, but that’s never stopped me before.

At one point, there was a little information sign on the trail (talking about trees), so I stopped and started reading it. Then, I saw a squirrel in a tree, just going to town on a nut, so I zoomed in on and started filming some video, just for something to do. Squirrels aren’t that interesting, but I always like practicing holding the lens steady – if you have a really long telephoto lens, it means that you can see things that are very far away, but any little hand movement is magnified bigtime, so it’s very tough to film steady video, and it’s also very easy to take blurry photos.

As I was filming this guy, I heard a very quiet rustling behind me, and I was positive another squirrel was coming up behind me. It was like 3 or 4 leaves moving, and it seemed quite close, but I kept filming the squirrel for 10 or 15 more seconds, then I turned around and saw a big buck walking up right beside me. I mean seriously, he was about 3 feet from me, didn’t seem to notice me at all (I had been standing still for 2 or 3 minutes I guess), and just walked right by me. It honestly felt so surreal, just this big animal walking right by, so close that I could have easily taken one step and been close enough to touch his antlers.

Because I had the super telephoto lens, I couldn’t get a picture, he was way too close. After he went a bit farther, I tried taking a few, but he was mostly walking away from me, so it was hard to get anything but his back section. This is the best one I got:


I started going down another trail, where it looked like if I could get a bit ahead of him, without scaring him, I could get a photo of him from the front. What ended up happening was he went up this hill, and as I got closer, I saw two other deer heads looking down from it. I guess it was their home or where they were hanging out for the day or something.

I tried to get some pics, but I messed up a few times and was not prepared for the situation that popped up, but I’m going to post the two best ones I got. The first is a moment when one was staring at me, and the second is a picture of two of the deer running across the trail.

I backed these up to Google Photos, and it also created a couple of animated gifs, so I’ll post those at the end, and maybe a video.

deer-staring-final deers-runningAnimated pictures and movies:

Here’s a deer running by where I couldn’t pull focus fast enough:

Here’s that squirrel: