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The Word Geek

I was thinking about how before computers got popular, the word geek usually meant a circus freak who bit the heads off of live chickens. My first thought on this was that maybe anytime anyone calls themselves a geek, it’d be fun to accuse them of appropriating circus sideshow culture, but I don’t know if that would actually be fun, you know?

But the other thing – how was watching a guy bite the head off a chicken actually entertaining? Obviously it’s gross, but even if you don’t find it gross, is it really going to be fun to watch? I guess there is some element of danger, like maybe the beak scrapes your mouth and it hurts? But I mean, I eat fried chicken sometimes, and it’s covered in breading, which is full of carbs, and that’s infinitely more dangerous long-term. Makes you think.

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My Easy Guacamole Recipe

It seems like everybody is into guacamole. It tastes great and is extremely good for you, but there’s one problem: It can take a while to make. Also it is messy to make. What I’m saying is that there are two problems, I guess.

You also have to own lemon or lime juice and garlic when you’re making it. Quite often, I don’t own those, so what I do is I make my easy guacamole recipe. Here is the recipe:

Take an avocado, cut it in half, and squeeze the pit out, into the compost thing where the fruit flies live. Now pour some salt on a plate. Put the avocado on the plate, and then grab little pieces of it, and dip them into the salt. Then, I just eat them, but you could probably stick them on a nacho or whatever.

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The “Are We Living In a Simulation” Hypothesis

I forget where I first ran across the whole “We’re probably living in a simulation” thing, but I think it may have been in a Youtube video. Later on, I watched another video, which I believe was a TED Talk, by Nick Bostrom. (edit: Here’s a video of him discussing it – I just googled that and I haven’t watched it yet, but I think I saw it in the past).

So I’m going to summarize the simulation hypothesis as I understand it, and hopefully I don’t get it wrong:

The idea is that one of these 3 things must be true:

  1. Probably no civilization will reach the stage where they can do a high fidelity simulation of their ancestors.
  2. Future civilizations will reach the stage where they can do high fidelity simulations, but won’t be interested in it.
  3. Future civilizations will be able to do high fidelity simulations of their ancestors, and then will do so, and they will do tons and tons of them.

And so if case 3 is true, then once you add up all the people who actually lived (outside of simulations), along with all the people who were simulated, the simulated people:real people ratio will probably be incredibly high.

If case #3 was true, and a future civilization ran only 1 simulation ever, there would already be a full 50% chance that we are currently living in a simulation. But why would they only run 1 simulation? Maybe there are a trillion people in this future universe, and they constantly want to check out what their human ancestors were up to, so they run simulations all the time. If that was true, then maybe it’s a trillions-to-one probability that we’re in a simulation right now.

I am probably explaining it very badly, or missing a crucial point, but listen, I’m just a guy on the internet with a webserver, and I don’t know much.

So anyhow, while I think these 3 points do add up logically, I’m still unclear about a couple of things.

One of them is probably super obvious, and has to do with consciousness: Even if some future civilization can do a really high-fidelity simulation of the past (including right now, 2016), would the simulated humans actually be conscious, as we are? They might, but it seems a stretch to just assume it, so I almost feel like there should be a case #4 which is “Maybe future civilizations will do a ton of high-fidelity simulations, but nobody inside them will have consciousness”. I have a feeling there’s probably a well thought out argument against this, but I don’t know.

Originally, I also thought “Well okay, even if there is a 99.999% chance that we’re in a simulation, who cares, it doesn’t make any difference!”, but then I decided that it does, for this reason:

Okay, so I don’t see how it’s possibly for one universe to fully simulate another universe. I feel like, and maybe I’m wrong here, but I don’t see how, computationally, you could create a simulation with the same resolution (just as many quarks, atoms, etc,) as the real thing, it just seems like it’d be impossible, or maybe at least very, very hard. So what if we are living in a simulation, but they left a bunch of stuff out to save disk space!

Maybe all the scientists trying to figure out what dark matter is are just one day going to say “Oh it’s because RAM wasn’t on sale when Elder127392319 booted up this simulation”. How lame would that be, it would be so dumb. What if the real Universe is way, way bigger than ours? That would suck.

Also, thinking this through, let’s imagine that creating a simulation like this takes a lot of computing power: If this is the case, then perhaps someone would just create the simulation once and distribute it to anyone who wanted to run it, so essentially, we wouldn’t just be living in a simulation, but the whole Universe would be a torrent file. This would suck. What if our whole universe is called something like Copy%20of%20UNIVERSE1-Final.XxXRAIDERZXxX.sim holy crap that would suck, it would suck so bad, I’m getting mad just thinking about it, aaaaaagagagaggaghahgaghaghaghahgaghgahahgghghaaghghahgaghahgaghaghahgahgaghaghaghaagagagaghagauhsgduiaeygrdkuwesyrfgwek vuirtyg4vkeiruger kriuweg rwieurg weiurg iwrug

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Fucking garbage.

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Second Post

I was thinking that a funny thing to do here would be to do my first post by quoting that “First thing first, I’m the realest” line, which is from rap artist Iggy Azalea. But instead I’m going to think pretty hard about what kind of stupid-ass crappy opinion I can come up with and post here, in order to get outrage clicks. I’m kidding of course. I don’t want a whole bunch of people mad at me, both because of cowardice, and I had another reason that I forget.

Definitely the easiest way to get eyeballs and attention in 2016 is saying something that gets people really outraged though, but I’m not totally sure whether that’s a great idea or not. Look at that couple who spend their lives dressed as if they live in Victorian times – they didn’t actually do anything seriously bad, and people are just sooo mad at them constantly.

They first got noticed about a year ago (I’d guess), but they sort of disappeared, and then just a week or two ago, they popped up again, because they were turned away from some botanical garden in Victoria B.C. What got me about this was that I’m pretty sure they just wrote a blog post about it, and didn’t issue a press release or anything, but still: Boom, as soon as it happened, people were all over them again.

It’s weird how much hatred that couple gets, just for wanting to go around wearing Victorian clothing. To me, it’s really overkill, and I don’t get it. Is it the big unicycle the guy rides? That’s part of it right, those things just annoy everyone?

One thing I find really weird about when people get mad at the Victorian couple, is that someone always has to throw in “Oh yeah the 1800s…. when there was SLAVERY”, as if this is some really good argument against these guys. It’s pretty clear that these guys are not into slavery or whatever, they just like these old Victorian clothes. It’s like if you went up to some guy dressed in bell bottoms and said “Oh nice, pants from the 1960s.. WHEN THERE WAS APARTHEID.”

I maybe rambled there, but my point is basically: I don’t think I’d be doing myself any favours by actually trying to rile people up with some post like “Trump’s Worst Fault? He’s Not Racist ENOUGH” or “GIFs and Emoji Are Really Terrible and Dumb” (one of these is true).

Oh you know what these things are called, I forgot: Hot Takes. People like Hot Takes on Twitter, but they mostly like saying “Hot Take:” and then saying something pretty dull. Personally, I don’t do Hot Takes, they’re mainly a tool of the weak thinkers and clowns.


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Well, it’s August of 2016 and I feel like it’s time to get blogging. A lot of great things are happening in the world, we’re basically living in a golden age and nothing is bad. People are happy, and they are ready for my posts.