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My Easy Guacamole Recipe

It seems like everybody is into guacamole. It tastes great and is extremely good for you, but there’s one problem: It can take a while to make. Also it is messy to make. What I’m saying is that there are two problems, I guess. You also have to own lemon or lime juice and garlic

Second Post

I was thinking that a funny thing to do here would be to do my first post by quoting that “First thing first, I’m the realest” line, which is from rap artist Iggy Azalea.¬†But instead I’m going to think pretty hard about what kind of stupid-ass crappy¬†opinion I can come up with and post here,


Well, it’s August of 2016 and I feel like it’s time to get blogging. A lot of great things are happening in the world, we’re basically living in a golden age and nothing is bad. People are happy, and they are ready for my posts.