A Little Trick to Make Food Taste Better

When I travel on a plane, I don’t go out of my way to plan out any food. I usually eat before going to the airport, but I’m always careful to not overeat, in case it makes me ill or something. Sometimes I think how amazing it’d be to have some really nice food, like some Thai basil chicken or something. But airport food costs so much, it’s ridiculous.

So the trick is: If you’re ever at home, and you decide to go buy some take-out food, just before you eat it, imagineĀ that you’re at the airport. Sit down with it, and think about how much it would cost there, and how happy you’d be to get it for $8 (or whatever) instead, and how excited you’d be to eat it. Maybe this will make it feel like an amazing luxury. Maybe not.

A lot of foodie tricks involve stuff like salt and balsamic vinegar, and they seem way, way better at first, but mine harnesses the power of PURE IMAGINATION.