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My Eggpost Newsletter Is Now Available Only by Mail

Since maybe 1999, I’ve run an email newsletter named Eggpost. I think it topped out at about 3200 subscribers or so, but sending it became so much work – keeping the mailing list clean, trying to get mailing list software that works but isn’t expensive, etc.

I’ve decided to start writing to it regularly again, and I’ve figured out a fun way: I’m just sending it by mail. It costs money because sending letters actually costs a lot these days it seems.

You can subscribe here. The first newsletter just went out, but if you subscribe before the next one goes, I’ll send this one too. They’re a good length for a newsletter I think.

3 thoughts on “My Eggpost Newsletter Is Now Available Only by Mail

  1. I’m afraid that a newsletter might put you in the same category as 1980s stock fraudsters, Lyndon Larouche and this guy I met on a bus in Montana in 1994 who called himself “The Bathroom Prophet”

    As an alternative suggestion, if u made it a “Zine” then instead you would be a part of a community of leftists, cool teens, art school weirdos, guys who work at kinkos and other self micro publishers.

    1. It’s a newsletter

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