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I’m starting a new business, it’s not totally internet. I’ll be doing posts about it really soon. Maybe endless posts, I don’t know – everyone always thinks they’ll do that, but then they don’t, but I do envision lots of posts.

I’m gonna close that Patreon if I can figure out how, it was a hilarious, hilarious failure, but I don’t care, I love trying out every little angle and cool web thing, etc. I do think that if I had it running when I had the couple of really popular posts, I could be making like $8/month right now hahaha.

Also, I think I was emboldened by being SUPER RIGHT about a certain Patreon thing: I don’t wanna name it, but many people might know what podcast I’m talking about – the hosts follows me on Twitter and vice versa, and I listen to it, and a major theme over the years has been how the podcast doesn’t make him any money. I really like the show and the guy and the other guy, and about 2 years ago, I did something I never do, I sent unsolicited advice to him. I’d never even talked to him on Twitter, I think we’ve both retweeted each other that’s about it, but I wrote saying heeeey listen, I really think Patreon is the best thing, and if you guys did it, I think you’d have a record breaking campaign, I really think you’d make so much. I seriously never write to people like this, I am 100% uncomfortable doing that kind of thing, and I’m never really that sure that I have any clue as to what is going on with anything, but I felt strongly about it.

Long story short, that was a year or two ago, they finally did a Patreon in 2017 and it’s a huge success, making $22,000/month right now. I think hundreds of people probably told them to use Patreon, and I wasn’t exactly an old wise blind guy on a hill or anything, but listen… I was right about something – to me that’s notable. It’s too bad I was also right that I would launch a Patreon, run it for 3 weeks and close it due to stunning lack of interest.