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So my Patreon campaign is going about about how I expected, not incredible, but it’s early days. The way I figure it, if you’re going to make it to 1 million patrons/month, you have to start at the very bottom. I was thinking of a few ideas to pump up the campaign, here are a couple:

  1. I was thinking it’d be funny if as a reward, I sent a package to anyone who donated $1/month, every 3 months. And that package would contain $5. I’m really considering this.
  2. The other idea, which would cost me about the same, would be if every 3 months, I sent everyone a photo of $5. This way, I would keep the money. But printing and mailing a photo would cost a couple of bucks probably.

UPDATE: I just added a $1 tier for the second option. I know I will regret this.

Okay that’s all I’m going to write now, I have an actual post to finish for later today or this evening.