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Human Consciousness

I’ve always wanted to figure out the whole deal with human consciousness, so, a while ago, I got a book about it.

In the past week, I finally got around to reading it, and guess what: The author doesn’t know what human consciousness is. I don’t want to get too angry here, but that’s a real pile of eggs.

I think it’s fine if you don’t understand the fundamental nature or reality of human consciousness – I don’t either! – but there has to be a rule like hey, if you don’t.. then don’t write a book specifically about that subject. Come on man, not cool.

Anyway if anyone understands the totality of what human consciousness is, and wants to sum it up in the comments, I would appreciate it.

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  1. Tane Tane

    consciousness is basically when a guy thinks and sometimes someone else thinks too

    • taking your exact words, human consciousness is not something you “understand” … because it’s not a “thing” available to you to concieve…, or percieve…, in the usual manner of an ‘object-for-a-subject’ …. it’s >what you arethingconsciousnessyou< are the answer to your own question. It's what they call "waking up".

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