Month: September 2016


I did some contract work earlier this year for a company that was fairly corporate. Early on, I noticed that whenever a developer would put in a pull request, someone would code review it, and if the code didn’t have any issues, they’d write “LGTM” along with a little gif of what I believe was a


I have to tell you a product that changed my life. It didn’t change it a lot, but at least a little bit. The product is: Flossers. You already knew that from the subject line. This is a flosser: You buy them at a drugstore, and they make flossing so, so much easier. They come with minty smells

Twitter Followers

Know what is a sort of weird thing: I don’t keep track of my Twitter follower number, but every once in a while, I’ll notice that it’s at some really memorable number, like 5555 or something. The other day I happened to see it was at 7774, and I thought “oh, 3 people until it’s a


I have a weird problem where I always want to know various statistics that are almost certainly unknowable. Here is an example: Yesterday was the 15 year anniversary of 9-11. A lot of people were reminiscing about it – wait, is that the right word, reminiscing? That sounds a bit too friendly. I already almost

Iconic Canadian Male Singers

That is one terrible blog title. I was at the park a couple of weeks ago, and a lady had a shirt on that said: AVRIL SHANIA ALANIS JONI CELINE Actually, here’s a copy I found on the web. To me, that’s a very smart t-shirt – very marketable. I got thinking about what names

Apple Killing Headphones

Sadly, I am not an Apple blogger. If you’re an Apple blogger, you can make like $400,000 a year by saying stuff like “Samsung made the Home icon 1px smaller – this is a billion dollar mistake”, or “I’m with Tim Cook on this one” (which you can add to 100% of Tim Cook quotes,

Coincidental Bot Story

The title for this post is kind of bad I guess. This is just a pretty weird thing that happened to me earlier this year, an odd coincidence. I don’t want to get into specific details, because I don’t want to specifically identify the person involved, but the city it happened in isn’t really the

Dark Sky Preserve

Last night, I went to this place in Ontario, the Torrance Barrens Dark-Sky Preserve. It’s about two hours north of Toronto, and it’s a protected area where uhh.. it’s dark. I gotta admit, I’m not up on all the details, but if you Google it, it’s supposed to be a place where lots of people

Mr. Peanut is Hateful Trash

I just saw this tweet from Mr. Peanut: And you can get a lot from it, in my opinion. At first glance, we just have a peanut relaxing in the sun. But look closer, he’s wearing hip jeans and pants, and he even has an ironic monocle and top hat. I think it’s accurate to

Message Boards

One of my favourite things online are message boards. I’ve always thought that their importance is underrated, and I believe it’s because so much of their content can lie in long threads that nobody will read unless they’re a regular on the board, and sometimes all the content on the board is completely hidden to