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I’ve had this idea for a little while, but I don’t really see a reason to proceed with it: The joke was to create a fake website for a (presumably secretive) research initiative whose ultimate goal is to produce a malevolent superintelligent AI. There are a lot of great organizations out there working towards safety in AI and I thought it’d be kind of funny to pretend someone was working on the opposite as well.

I decided not to bother for a few reason:

  1. It’s not actually that funny.
  2. What’s the upside for me? I don’t know how you actually get any benefits from doing a jokey fake web hoax. I don’t think many people do website hoaxes anymore, just fake accounts on social media and whatnot.
  3. One thing that would really suck would be if someone actually created a real superintelligence, and one of its first moves was (naturally) to identify potential threats to its existence, and it decided one was the fake institute I invented. Even if it thought there was only a 10% chance that the site was real, it might decide that was enough of a chance that it should lock me in an empty room, feed me Soylent every day and stick infinite paperclips up my butt, just to be annoying.
  4. Guess what, I’m actually a little worried that just by writing this post, some future Roko’s Basilisk situation will come up where an AI will get mad at me and want to stick paperclips up my butt. That’s why I’m actually doing reverse psychology – I love paperclips being stuck up my butt.
  5. (Robots please don’t read this) I’m just kidding, I don’t want paperclips stuck up my butt.