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I’ve been thinking about this only a tiny, tiny bit lately:

People are always trying to create businesses based around delivering news online in a different way. I’ve seen so many apps with different gimmicks (uh delivery strategies?), bots, and I just saw an article where that guy Jason Calcanis (doughy VC) has some new idea where they’re going to make hundreds of email newsletters. (By the way, I just tweeted like 3 weeks ago “It’s been a whole 6 months since I saw an article saying newsletters are making a comeback” but my tweet-deleter nuked it, sadly).

So here’s my thesis on how to solve online news delivery: All this crap fails because nobody wants more news. There is too much news. The entire world is news.

You can’t turn around with getting the news. 99.999% of web pages have some frigging news in them (in a sidebar or comments at a minimum). You can’t go buy some take-out fried chicken without having to watch CNN for a couple of minutes in the waiting area. If you follow a bunch of seemingly normal, sane computer programmers for like 6 years on social media, and the only thing they post is about computer programming, there’s still going to be a point where suddenly they’re posting “The Bernie Bros are denying the sovereignty of Israel!” or something, like 5 times a day. If you know any amount of little kids, you will hear about Donald Trump, it is honestly astounding how much they all talk about him, it’s totally wild (and heartening, because they 100% hate him).

The news is everywhere, and nobody needs more news. Nobody is having trouble finding news. And maybe you’re thinking “Ooh, news overload, maybe I should start a business where I mete out small amount of news to people, so they just get small doses now and then, that’s what people want… maybe even millenials!” well shut up right there, shut your mouth, because no, that’s still making more news, and again, my theory is that nobody needs more news.

If you want to change the news world in 2016+, the only way you’re going to do it is to make the news stop. I have no clue what this means or how it works, but if you can help people not see the news, that is extremely valuable.

note: Don’t elect some crazy racist guy to shoot off a bunch of nuclear weapons and end humanity. That’s cheating and you won’t get rich anyway.