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A lady walked by me downtown today, and she was on her phone, and I couldn’t help but hear her say, quite loudly:

You know that ‘walking date’ we went on? That wasn’t real!

And I have spent the last few hours thinking so much about this. I think there are a few possibilities, none of which was particularly obvious just from the tone of her voice:

  1. Maybe some guy told her they should go on a ‘walking date’ and she humoured him, and now she’s mad at him and telling him that there’s no such thing as a walking date.
  2. Maybe she was complaining to a third party that someone took her on what she thought was a walking date, but it turned out the whole thing was just a ruse, and perhaps the the guy (or girl – I am woke!) had something else entirely in mind. Maybe the lady who I passed is in possession of a treasure map and someone was trying to get it from her, etc.
  3. There was another completely distinct theory I had, but I forget it now. Leave your opinions in the comments.