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I downloaded an MP3 called Autobahn around the year 2000, which I thought was by the band Karate, but once I listened, it clearly wasn’t. Now and then, the song would pop up on random play, and I’d Google it, and nothing would ever come up.

A few years ago, while Googling it, I found this blog post, by a guy who basically had the exact same experience as me. And he links to someone else who wondered who the song was by. There are also a number of people who have commented on his post about the song, who are in the same boat.

Here’s the Youtube video he made of it, but you should read his post.

My current theory is that the song was likely by a band that was also called Karate, unaware of there being a more popular (but not exactly huge) band by the same name. It makes more sense than the band being named Autobahn, since the actual song is about driving.

It surprises me that nobody has figured this out yet, because the song has pretty darn good production for 2000 or earlier. I know what recording was like back then, and it was nowhere near as easy to get a good sounding song like this as it is now. I think this song was recorded at a real studio, not a multi-track cassette player or anything.

If anyone has any tips on who the band is, let me know. The song itself is really good, which is why everyone actually cares about this.