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Know what is a sort of weird thing: I don’t keep track of my Twitter follower number, but every once in a while, I’ll notice that it’s at some really memorable number, like 5555 or something. The other day I happened to see it was at 7774, and I thought “oh, 3 people until it’s a funny number”.

Then, the other night, I sent a bunch of tweets that were not great- but probably no more uninteresting than my usual ones. As I was doing it, I threw in some joke like “I got tricked into drinking a lot of booze, I’m going to do tweetstorms”, which was not true. Later, someone I know DM-ed me saying they were drunk that night, I guess they thought I actually was.

So then I happened to notice today that I’m down 12 followers. This is the problem with actually knowing how many people follow you – you might actually notice this sort of thing. So it’s not a big deal or something I care about, but it got me thinking: Did it have to do with people thinking I was doing drunken tweetstorms? Were people scared I would keep going, or something? I don’t know, just a random thing I guess.

Speaking of Twitter, a bunch of times lately, I’ve just quickly followed people who have followed me, if their bios look decent, without reading any of their tweets. So far it’s good. This is really irrelevant, gotta end this blog post now.