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Iconic Canadian Male Singers

That is one terrible blog title.

I was at the park a couple of weeks ago, and a lady had a shirt on that said:






Actually, here’s a copy I found on the web.

To me, that’s a very smart t-shirt – very marketable.

I got thinking about what names would be on a similar shirt that was a list of 5 iconic male Canadian singers, and I came up with:

GORD (Downie)

BRYAN (Adams)

GORDON (Lightfoot)


But I got stuck on a fifth – should it be Corey (Hart)? Does it make any sense at all for it to be Burton (Cummings)? I haven’t really given it enough thought to really decide.

I did think that it’d be pretty cool if a B-list, non-icon singer made a run of these shirts themselves, and included their own name, in an attempt to raise themselves up to icon status. Something like:





MIKE (Reno of Loverboy)

or another example could be:





MYLES (Francis Goodwyn of April Wine)

Maybe it goes without saying, but in my imagination, both the latter shirts would include the full parentheses with the singer’s full name and band name.

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  1. Glen G. Glen G.

    Of course there are two Gords on that list.

    • andrew andrew

      Haha yeah, it’s funny too because whenever anyone says that’s such a Canadian name, I always think like “naaah, there are more Canadian ones, like MURRAY” but then I made the list and thought the exact same thing.

  2. Andrew G Andrew G

    How about Michel (Pagliaro)? He’s a Quebec guy so it makes a nice parallel with Celine.

    • andrew andrew

      I’ve never heard of this guy! I’ll look into it.

      • Andrew G Andrew G

        I think you might recognize his “hits” (CanCon from the 1970s). They were on the radio a lot.

  3. Rebecca Rebecca

    I know this is an old post but how the heck did you forget about Neil Young???

    • andrew andrew

      Who’s that?

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