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I just saw this tweet from Mr. Peanut:


And you can get a lot from it, in my opinion.

At first glance, we just have a peanut relaxing in the sun. But look closer, he’s wearing hip jeans and pants, and he even has an ironic monocle and top hat. I think it’s accurate to say, this guy would fit right into any major American city with a bunch of bearded 20somethings hanging out. Oh cool, he’s a fun guy, just a cool peanut, great.

Look closer though, and what’s the real message here: First of all, the tweet itself is a passive aggressive “Hmm makes you think” that’s an anti-union, pro-corporations message. The implicit message here is that it’s completely absurd that we – in this peanut’s mind – glorify a day of laziness by associating it with hard work.

Look closer at this peanut – he dresses the part of an early 21st century hipster guy, but where is he actually hanging out? Not with a bunch of cash-strapped millenials struggling to make it in the city, but, judging by the croquette equipment and designer lawn furniture, some country house, probably his family’s second home.

This guy is crying about people not working hard for a day, and yet what is he doing? Reclining in a $300 chair from Restoration Hardware while sipping on an iced tea and relaxing with a book. Of course it’s a book about Success and Working Hard, so he can tell himself he isn’t slacking off or being lazy. This peanut is a perfect example of the 1% in 2016, lecturing everyone about working hard, while he contributes nothing.

Check out what he’s eating: Cashews. Of course he thinks nothing of eating cashews: A cashew is basically just a peanut with a different racial background. Of course Mr. Peanut just sits around literally eating nuts of a different race while he lectures them about hard work, of course he does.

Mr. Peanut is a symbol of what’s wrong with America in 2016. He looks like he’s about 2 weeks from holding a Trump fundraiser and screaming about Black Lives Matter on Twitter. This picture looks like he hired a photographer off Craigslist and said “Make me the Dan Bilzerian of the alt-right”. Mr. Peanut has definitely posted this pic to /r/malefashionadvice with the title “Top hat, no shirt – too much or not enough?” Mr. Peanut has definitely sent this picture to at least 20 girls along with a gym selfie.

Anyway just a few thoughts I had, someone had to say it.