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Camp Bongopix – 80s Retro Camping

September 1st, 2016 by andrew

This is kind of interesting: Up by Algonquin Park (Ontario, Canada’s oldest provincial park, quite historical), there’s a new business, Camp Bongopix, that rents out cabins, and their theme is to recreate the 1980s cottage¬†experience. They have rooms with N64 consoles and VHS equipment, and things look decorated in a pretty convincing¬†80s style.

It’s a pretty novel idea (that I know of), and I could imagine it taking off and doing quite well (maybe it already has). It seems like something that would really hit the spot with a lot of Toronto people I can think of. There’s also a hostel lodge thing that’s part of it, looks like a lot of fun for the right crowd.

Their FAQ says they only book through Airbnb, which is different. I’d like to keep my eye on this thing for a couple of years and see how it does, I’m curious.


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