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Here’s a little trick I try to do during the summer, maybe it’ll be useful to you:

A while ago, I went to the dollar store and bought 4 cheap ice cube trays. I fill them regularly and put them in the freezer.

I try to remember every day or so to go get them and then empty them into a plastic bag, and then refill them. It doesn’t take very long to accumulate quite a lot of ice this way.

Stash as much as you can in any empty spaces in your freezer (especially if you have an extra chest freezer). Then one day, when you need a bunch of ice, maybe for a last-minute beach trip or camping, you don’t have to stop at a store and pay 2 or 3 dollars for ice.

Over one summer, maybe you’ll only save a few bucks this way, but over a lifetime, you can save dozens of bucks.