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You should never make fun of any kid’s name you find dumb online, even if you think the name is terrible. Even if that person doesn’t see it (maybe they won’t), someone else could read what you said, and that person might have a kid with the same name, and it could make them feel bad in a pretty deep way. They might worry about if they really messed up and hurt their kid’s future by giving them a bad name. Pretty mean.

Now this is not really related, but I really like the concept of some guy naming his kids Emerson, Lake and Palmer, but not explaining it to his wife. Or maybe he names the first two Emerson and Lake, and then his wife realizes what’s going on and gets super mad. Or what if someone just thought Emerson, Lake and Palmer were great kids names (they’re pretty normal), and didn’t even realize there was the band. That would be crazy! But I’m sure it hasn’t happened. But dang, just imagine it.