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I think it’d be cool to start some sort of myth that it’s really good for your back to wear a lifejacket while you’re working at your desk. If it caught on, it’d be pretty hilarious.

There’s a thing where sometimes people sit on those big yoga balls at their desk, and are convinced it’s good for their back. It looks cool in theory, but I had one of those available for a while and I tried it, and it sucks, it sucks so bad, it really is not good. It’s always some quite fit 23 year old who actually does this, so it works out, but when I tried it, my back was screaming in pain in minutes.

I think the key to making people believe in ergonomics things is to mention the lumbar a lot. Everyone has a lumbar, everyone understands basically where it is on their body, but what do we really know about lumbars? Almost nothing.