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I was thinking that a funny thing to do here would be to do my first post by quoting that “First thing first, I’m the realest” line, which is from rap artist Iggy Azalea. But instead I’m going to think pretty hard about what kind of stupid-ass crappy opinion I can come up with and post here, in order to get outrage clicks. I’m kidding of course. I don’t want a whole bunch of people mad at me, both because of cowardice, and I had another reason that I forget.

Definitely the easiest way to get eyeballs and attention in 2016 is saying something that gets people really outraged though, but I’m not totally sure whether that’s a great idea or not. Look at that couple who spend their lives dressed as if they live in Victorian times – they didn’t actually do anything seriously bad, and people are just sooo mad at them constantly.

They first got noticed about a year ago (I’d guess), but they sort of disappeared, and then just a week or two ago, they popped up again, because they were turned away from some botanical garden in Victoria B.C. What got me about this was that I’m pretty sure they just wrote a blog post about it, and didn’t issue a press release or anything, but still: Boom, as soon as it happened, people were all over them again.

It’s weird how much hatred that couple gets, just for wanting to go around wearing Victorian clothing. To me, it’s really overkill, and I don’t get it. Is it the big unicycle the guy rides? That’s part of it right, those things just annoy everyone?

One thing I find really weird about when people get mad at the Victorian couple, is that someone always has to throw in “Oh yeah the 1800s…. when there was SLAVERY”, as if this is some really good argument against these guys. It’s pretty clear that these guys are not into slavery or whatever, they just like these old Victorian clothes. It’s like if you went up to some guy dressed in bell bottoms and said “Oh nice, pants from the 1960s.. WHEN THERE WAS APARTHEID.”

I maybe rambled there, but my point is basically: I don’t think I’d be doing myself any favours by actually trying to rile people up with some post like “Trump’s Worst Fault? He’s Not Racist ENOUGH” or “GIFs and Emoji Are Really Terrible and Dumb” (one of these is true).

Oh you know what these things are called, I forgot: Hot Takes. People like Hot Takes on Twitter, but they mostly like saying “Hot Take:” and then saying something pretty dull. Personally, I don’t do Hot Takes, they’re mainly a tool of the weak thinkers and clowns.