1972 Polaroid Promotion Film by the Eames Office

When I started watching this video, I was confused, and thought it was a modern video someone had made, trying to parody the style of 1970’s corporate films. I guess it was because of the video quality – this is 480p but looks pretty decent.

A minute or so in, I was thinking wow, whoever made this went to great lengths. The adult and kids in the art gallery was just a short clip, but their clothing and the art looked so perfect for the period. And the background music couldn’t be more 70s, with the flute parts and whatnot.

So anyway, of course it turns out that this is an actual promotional film from 1972, but wow is it great. Everything about it is interesting and looks fantastic. Polaroid hired the Eames Office to make this, and the music is by Elmer Bernstein. I love it so much.