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Be Nice To Bears

December 3rd, 2017 by andrew

Most recent few posts:

  • The Quincy Jones Vulture Interview - This Quincy Jones interview is great, super entertaining. There is one thing I wanted to write about though, and since I wound up writing a lot of it out in a message, I figured I’d do it here: In the interview, Jones talks about a bunch of stuff like who actually killed JFK (Sam Giancana) […]
  • Having some trouble with the newsletter - Quick super super quick update: The software I was using to do the subscriptions for the Eggpost-by-mail is uhh.. ass. It’s bad and not working. Will update subscribers shortly!
  • I Tried Cryptokitties and Also Some Other Thoughts - So I had this idea a couple of years ago that I could never really figure out: I wanted to just give away 49% of Castmate to anyone who wanted a piece. Divide it up into a billion shares and give out 100 or 1000 to anyone who asked or filled out a form. A […]

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