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Twitter Is Bad, Part 400000000000

One remarkably dumb thing about Twitter is this:

There are all these spammy accounts that follow 450,000 people, and have 390,000 followers. Twitter, which is still running on unimproved code that they copy and pasted from Matt’s Script Archive in 2004, thinks that if an account with 390k followers interacts with you, you want to know immediately, and it pings your phone. These accounts are almost always a 60 year old guy who worked for 30 years at Proctor and Gamble, retired, discovered auto-following apps, gave a TEDx talk about Social Media Marketing, and wrote 3 ebooks (Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #3,201,617 Paid in Kindle Store).

I was also thinking about how many problems could be solved if Twitter would differentiate brand accounts from real people. For one thing, they could charge brands a monthly fee, which any company would happily pay, make an insane amount of revenue, and hire people to fix.. everything.

But nope, they’ve never done this. They’re like “no way man, if we charge $20/month for brands, Pepsi will close their account and move to a new platform and we’ll go out of business, people are only here for the brands”.

I think Twitter actually has some sort of weird philosophical stance where brands, consumers, and Russian propaganda bots are all people, and they all stand on equal footing, and must be treated equally. Everybody in charge at Twitter was like “Wow, we live in a world where corporations have all the same rights as people and…… it’s turned out great, we better emulate that!”

People bag on Reddit, but Twitter is basically the ultimate libertarian website. The rich (spam accounts with 390k followers) are rewarded, corporations are treated like people, and everyone has the worst opinion in the world, and is racist.

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