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I’ve noticed that in the last year, I’m seeing way more tweets on Twitter that have 100,000+ likes and retweets. It could be a fluke, and just a function of who I am following lately, and what they retweet, but I have a feeling it’s an actual thing.

It’s pretty interesting, because Twitter is generally feeling less and less vital as the months go on, so it seems odd for there to be a lot more mega-tweets. I guess the obvious explanation would be that Twitter has changed their discovery mechanisms (adding “While you were away” and algorithmic timeline stuff), and users are seeing a more diverse bunch of tweets. It makes sense that the most popular tweets would rise to the top of these discovery features. But anyhow, that’s not really the point of this post.

I just have an idea for a post that I bet would get a decent amount of retweets. I’m not saying it’d get thousands or anything, but I think it has a few of the different  factors that lead to big populist tweets:

  1. Fake SMS screenshot conversation.
  2. Family dynamics.
  3. Funny misunderstanding.

and then depending on how it was implemented you could of course do it in AAVE, which people seem to love in tweets (I have a few opinions why but this post isn’t about that and actually I guess it’s one opinion, that people are kind of racist).

So anyway, I just want opinions here on whether this tweet would be popular. The tweet would have text something like “I’VE BEEN SAYING LOL TO HER FOR YEARS AND FINALLY SHE SAID THIS!!” and maybe some dumb emoji or whatever, and then there’s a fake SMS screenshot that looks like this:

Mom: I guess I expect that from your uncle.


Mom: I wish you’d quite calling me that honey.

Me: What you mean?

Mom: Little Old Lady.

Sound off in the comments if I’m way off base or whether this would be good. If anyone wants to try it, feel free, but do a good job I guess. I personally think it’s bad juju to make up any fake stories or conversations about your family members, so I wouldn’t advise it. Life is hard enough these days as it is, the last thing you need is bad juju.

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  1. Lester Lester

    This sounds like it could be a pretty good tweet. One thing I’d advise is to use a lot of the “tears of joy” emoji in the text field of the tweet. This is Unicode point U+1F602 and is a good way to indicate that people should laugh when they’re reading the tweet.

    • andrew andrew

      Lester, you are wise. I agree with your advice.

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